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The Animation Studio is a creative space where children can familiarize themselves with the process of creating animated movies by making their own cartoon. At the same time, they learn how to deal with multimedia technologies in an original and self-determined way.


Kids can step into production of an animated cartoon by drawing. The drawing table with printed templates is lit from below which facilitates their use. There are three drawing sections with different template sets where kids can choose to draw entire characters, to create their own character by combining different features or to draw a sequence of an image and develop a cartoon for the zoetrope!


©2016 Tom Trambow

move (2d+3d)

In the second area kids jump into the shoes of an animation director and learn how to make a cartoon with the stop motion technique. They can compile their sceneries by choosing from different backgrounds, characters and accessories. In the 2D version the camera captures a flat composition on a horizontal surface while a standing composition of figurines is captured in the 3D version.

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In the last working area kids can edit their cartoon by adding background music, special effects and sounds or assemble several clips together. The result can be properly credited by adding a title and the names of its main creators. The clips can be sent by e-mail or comfortably downloaded online at home and shared with friends and family and on social media.