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Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews - these names alone evoke pulse-quickening images of danger, excitement and thrills and chills galore, as chronicled by the greatest and best beloved teenage detective trio of all time, Die drei ???. From their secret junkyard hideaway in Rocky Beach, they solve crimes, confront criminals and shed light on the paranormal… 

In Die drei ??? Mission Rocky Beach legions of fans will be able to step into the fictional world of our three heroes, in perplexing, challenging, action-packed Escape Room experiences that combine teamwork, deductive reasoning and a spirit of adventure as they solve inexplicable mysteries in the nick of time! 

Die drei ??? Mission Rocky Beach is the newest concept of AWC AG, in cooperation with Kosmos Verlag, Sony Music and Escape Room masterminds, American Escape Rooms. This one of its kind experience seeks to attract not only the three generations worth of fans of the Die drei ??? – who spent countless sleepless nights hidden under covers with flashlights as they devoured the latest exploits of the intrepid trio but also all fans of the biggest hype in location based entertainment: Escape Rooms. 

The numbers speak for themselves. In Germany alone, the series has sold more than 17- million books, and an incredible 45-million copies of a vastly popular and intensely addicting audio drama series that has made superstars out of the three voices that have brought our heroes to life for decades.  Those voices will make up an indispensible part of the Escape Room experience making it as authentic and immersive as possible. 

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