30 years of experience, four independent companies and 200 employees.

We are THE big European all-rounder in the area of "Out-of-Home Edutainment"

Explorado Operations

Explorado Operations Köln GmbH and Explorado Operations Duisburg GmbH operate our locations. For 10 years we have been supporting and awaking the creativity of hundreds of thousands of children and young people at our locations: odysseum.de/ explorado-kindermuseum.de


Being independent means being free to develop only the best. Targa Kft. finds the right investors for the right project. Please e-mail us for more detailed information:


Explorado Brand management

Behind each product there is a brand representing its concept and values. Especially in the B2C area these have to be implemented carefully into experiences. Our teamat Explorado Brand Management kft. specializes in the area of brand adaption.                                            



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AWC AG, our cornerstone, has been operating successfully for almost 30 years. Founded by Andreas Waschk, Chairman of the Group, AWC has established itself as an internationally known partner for planning and implementing of concept ideas as well as big blockbuster travelling exhibitions.