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THE STRONG FOUR is a hands-on experience about the power of the four elements – earth, fire, air and water. It shows how our planet works and how these basic natural forces not only support life but can also destroy it within seconds. The purpose of the exhibition is to give visitors an idea of the impact that the power of the elements has on Earth and the devastating results when they get out of control.©




Each of the four elements is personalized by a corresponding comic character created exclusively for the exhibition. EDDY – earth, BRANDA – fire, WINDY – air and SPLASH – water accompany visitors through display giving explanations and instructions in their field of expertise. With their help, the visitors explore earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis, excavate fossils and test gravitation. THE STRONG FOUR encourage children’s curiosity through identification and take away their fear by making the power of nature more understandable from their point of view.