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Contour Plan and Island Section Drawings

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After calculating and marking out the contours a plan was created showing the contour topography of the island. This was done at a scale of 1:1250 which makes it double the size of the model, but allows for clearer viewing and understanding of the drawing. Each fifth contour was emphasised using a heavier line weighting and…

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Solved Part I. Using an interval of 50 ft draw contour lines

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Random Topographic Contour Background. Elevation Mountain Contour

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Premium Vector Topographic map texture island shape circle with

Constructing a topographic profile

Solved 2. EXTRA CREDIT Finish drawing the Contour lines to

Bled Island, trench 1/1 before 1962 excavation; the plan drawing

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Topographic maps and sketch mapping . Fig. 25.—Section and Profile

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