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CircAid Lower Extremity Garments - Luna Medical

$ 17.50

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circaid® juxtafit® essentials leg

Built-in pressure systemTM (BPSTM) guide card provides Machine washable. Compression (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 mmHg). SILVERtecTM added to prevent static,

circaid Juxtalite Lower Leg System Designed for Compression and Easy Use Medium (Full Calf) Short

circaid juxtafit essentials lower leg

Lymphedema Products & Compression Garments Sales

circaid® reduction kit™ lower leg patient donning

CircAid Upper Extremity Garments - Luna Medical

Xceed Medical, LLC

circaid® reduction kit™ lower leg patient donning

A new innovative way to treat lymphedema during the active phase of treatment. The CircAid Reduction Kit replaces compression bandaging in an easy to

CircAid Reduction Kit Lower Leg

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